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2016 Internship Openings at IMR, Bergen, Norway


There are a number of openings for internship in 2016, at the Institute for Marine Research(IMR), Bergen, Norway (http://www.imr.no/en). Prospective candidates will work in ateam developing parsimonious mathematical/statistical models for marine population dy-namics. The internship tasks will cover aspects of mathematical/statistical modeling, pa-rameter estimation (optimization) and uncertainty quantication, and involve computerprograming (R, C++ or Matlab).

Priority will be given to MSc students with good programing skills and background inmathematical/statistical modeling, population dynamics, optimization, dynamical sys-tems or computational ecology. Students who may consider writing their thesis at theinstitute are especially encouraged to apply. Internship positions are unpaid, althoughfor exceptionally good candidates and those considering a thesis at the Institute, partialfunding to cover board and lodging may be considered. The start time for the internshipis negotiable but a minimum of 3 months internship is expected.

For consideration, send me a copy of your academic records (transcipts), a statementof intent (max 1 paragraph) and a reference to samuels@imr.no.