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Hjort Scholars for 2016 – next deadline 1 December 2015


The next deadline for the 3rd series of Hjort Scholar applications is due on 1 December 2015, with specific reference to guest visits to Bergen during the year 2016. A committee will evaluate the received applications shortly afterwards; the outcome is scheduled to be announced in January 2016, firstly by e-mail.

Hjort Scholars intend to increase co-operation between Hjort scientists and reputable scientists internationally whose research is deemed to promote scientific innovation and understanding of marine ecosystems, with the ultimate aim of increasing the sustainable harvest of living resources. 

The planned research should fall within one or more of the themes in the Science Plan. Contact needs to be established with at least one member of the Centre before producing the plan for the visit. The Hjort Scholar will be actively included in a creative and ambitious research environment consisting presently of 90 researchers having access to one of the most extensive research infrastructure existing, spanning from modern laboratories, marine biological stations and advanced research vessels to extensive biological and physical time series.

Instruction for Hjort Scholar grant applications for 2016 (deadline 1 December 2015):Hjort Scholar guidelines 2016