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2014 Summer Workshop on pH Sensor Best Practices (4-8 August 2014, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, CA, USA)


The University of California and the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Program (OCB) are pleased to announce a 1-week training workshop on best practices for measuring pH in seawater. The workshop is intended for scientists at all levels who seek to measure pH using autonomous sensors as a component of their research. The intensive 5 day workshop will involve hands-on training that aims to teach scientists how to operate and deploy autonomous instruments for pH, collect and analyze validation samples during a deployment, and merge the resulting time series to generate a final data set.

Topics covered will include:

  1. Introduction to seawater pH;
  2. Introduction to pH sensors (theory of operation, principles of calibration);
  3. Practical deployment of autonomous sensors;
  4. Collection and analysis of discrete seawater samples for sensor validation;
  5. Use of measurements on discrete samples for calibration and quality control of in situ pH sensor data;
  6. Assessment of the overall uncertainty of resulting seawater pH measurements.

Autonomous sensors using the Honeywell Durafet (SeaFET, SeapHOx) and SAMI-pH will be provided for the training. These sensors will be deployed in a seawater test tank during the workshop. Discrete sample analyses will be carried out using bench-top instruments to determine spectrophotometric pH, total alkalinity, and total dissolved inorganic carbon.

The workshop will be limited to a total of 15 participants selected at the discretion of the organizers. Individuals who wish to participate in this workshop should send an email to Prof. Martz (trmartz@ucsd.edu) indicating their background in this area, and their reasons for wishing to attend the workshop. This request should be received on or before May 16, 2014; applicants will be notified whether or not they have been selected by June 1, 2014

Travel expenses necessary to attend the workshop will be covered up to a maximum of $600 for each participant selected. Lodging and meals will be provided on the University of California, San Diego campus. Any other costs will be the responsibility of the participant.