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3rd IOC/WESTPAC-CorRECAP Summer School: Resilience of Coral Reefs to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Disturbances (18-21 April 2014, Nha Trang, Vietnam)


Host Institution: Institute of Oceanography, 01 Cau Da, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Organizing Committee: Nguyen Van Long (Vietnam), R. John Morrison (Australia), Thamasak Yeemin (Thailand), Gi Hoon Hong (South Korea), and Jing Zhang (China) 

1.      Background Information

The IOC/WESTPAC CorReCAP project, focussing on climate change and anthropogenic impacts on coral reefs in the Asia Pacific Region, was established in 2008. The project has held three scientific meetings, including Shanghai of China in 2009, Phuket of Thailand in 2010, and Pusan of South Korea in 2012), assisted in organising a major meeting on marine research capacity building in Shanghai in 2012, and managed two training courses, one in Koh Samui, Thailand in 15-18 June 2010 on the “Impact of Sedimentary Dynamics and Biogeochemistry on Coral Reefs”, and Sanya, China in 8-11 June 2011 on “Water Quality and Impact on Coral Reefs”. It is now proposed to hold a third training course as a summer school in Vietnam in 2014. 

2.      Outlines of the Summer School 2014 

It is proposed to hold the Third Summer School in Nha Trang, Vietnam in April 2014 hosted by the Vietnam Institute of Oceanography. 

The overall topic of the third IOC/WESTPAC-CorReCAP Summer School will be “Resilience of Coral Reefs to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Disturbances, and will be developed through four themes:

Theme One: “Eutrophication Issues Relating to Reefs” (R. John Morrison)

Eutrophication by nutrient enrichment has been identified as a key global human impact on coral reef systems. This theme will examine the causes of eutrophication around reefs, the effects on reef ecosystems, and the possible mitigation measures to address the problems.

Theme Two: “Assessment and Monitoring of Coral Recruitment” (Thamasak Yeemin)

This theme will consider various techniques for examining recruitment of corals, a key issue for the future development and maintenance of reef systems. Environmental factors that influence coral settlement and post-settlement survivorship will be also discussed.

Theme Three: “Resilience Indicators for Coral Reef Management” (Nguyen Van Long)

This theme explains choosing, prioritizing and measuring ecological factors that can be used as resilience indicators to facilitate coral reef management in Western Pacific under climate change and anthropogenic disturbances.

Theme Four: “Isotopic Techniques in the Study of Changes in Coral Reef Ecosystems” (Gi Hoon Hong)

This theme will discuss the range of isotopic techniques that has been developed to examine past changes in coral reef systems and to identify changes that are currently occurring as a result of the climate change and anthropogenic activities.

3.      Implementation of Proposed Activities

The Summer School will consist of a set of lectures and tutorials with discussion of the various themes. Participants will have an opportunity to present work they have undertaken relating to the various themes and to develop additional cooperative research activities that will be of benefit in the improved management of coral reef ecosystems in the Asia Pacific Region.

4.      Contacting Address for Application Form:

Fang Zuo

State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research

East China Normal University

3663 Zhongshan Road North

Shanghai 200062


Phone: +86-21-52135432

Fax: +86-21-62546441

E-mail: fzuo@sklec.ecnu.edu.cn

5.      Deadline of Submitting the Application Form

All application forms need to be submitted to the above address before the 25th of November 2013.