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4th Interdisciplinary Summer School on Geoengineering (5-9 August 2013, Harvard University, USA)


Fourth Interdisciplinary Summer School on Geoengineering
Solar Radiation Management: Exploring uncertainties and trade-offs
August 5-9 2013 

As part of an annual series of interdisciplinary summer schools, Harvard University, Heidelberg University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are jointly organizing a summer school on Solar Radiation Management (SRM). SRM is a set of proposals to reduce the impacts of climate change by means such as sulfate aerosol injection or marine cloud brightening. This school will investigate social, ethical and technical aspects of SRM, and will foster vigorous debate about the merits of this emerging technology. The summer school will bring together students and young scholars working on this area with some of the field's leaders.

Structure of the 2013 school
The summer school will take place from August 5-9, 2013 at Harvard University. The objectives of the school are to promote interdisciplinary learning, stimulate new researchable ideas and collaborative research projects, and to enable vigorous discussion about the uncertainties and trade-offs faced in decisions about SRM. Students should expect to leave with a nuanced understanding of the current state of knowledge about SRM, with insights from across the natural and social sciences. As such, this year’s summer school will balance formal lectures with active and collaborative activities between students, and it will seek to maximise interaction between students and instructors.

Admission and application
We welcome applications from graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, NGO staff and recently appointed faculty and researchers who have an interest in SRM. The number of participants is limited to 80. We hope to bring new voices and perspectives into the school, in particular from the developing world, so while experience working on geoengineering is preferable it is not mandatory. The first day of the school will have a series of short catch-up lectures and Q&A on all aspects of SRM - natural and social science - allowing everyone to get up to speed.To apply, please submit a short letter (300 words or less) covering your research interests and an explanation of relevance of this summer school to your research. We request a short letter of recommendation from applicants who are in the first or second year of their graduate studies and who have not attended a previous geoengineering summer school. As there will be many interactive components to the school a good standard of English speaking and comprehension is required for all participants.

The summer school will cost $300 USD. This includes shared accommodation, all breakfasts, lunches and a banquet dinner. Single accommodation is available on a first-come, first-served basis for an additional $21/night. Please indicate on your application you would like a single room. Cost of travel is the responsibility of participants. Some scholarships are available for participants who would otherwise not be able to attend. A request for support should accompany the application in such circumstances.

Application deadline
The US Department of State advises that visa applicants from many countries must now apply 3–4 months in advance of their travel date. Please check the US Department of State website for information about travel to the USA and to verify whether you require a visa. Due to processing times there is an early application deadline for those who need visas of April 18 2013. The general application deadline is 01 May 2013.

Organizing committee
Juan Moreno-Cruz, Georgia Institute of Technology
Katie Dagon, Harvard University
David Keith, Harvard University
Andy Parker, Harvard University
Timo Goeschl, Heidelberg University
Daniel Heyen, Heidelberg University
Steven Barrett, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Simon Driscoll, Oxford University
Ashley Mercer, University of Calgary

Please submit applications or any questions to Hollie Roberts (hroberts(at)seas.harvard.edu)