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EURO-BASIN Cruise programme 2012


The EC funded large integrated research project EURO-BASIN (www.euro-basin.eu) is looking for potential collaborating research teams to study nutrient cycling and microzooplankton grazing during the North Atlantic Spring Bloom.

Berths are available for on-board nutrient sampling & measurements (one berth), and for microzooplankton sampling (one berth). Transportation of personnel and own equipment and sea-going allowances are at the participant`s expense. Although, we would entertain interest from prospective collaborators who require reasonable support.

Cruise Objectives:

RV METEOR “Deep Convection” cruise objectives are to assess the physical, biogeochemical and trophic interactions during a full plankton bloom study in the North Atlantic during the transition from regimes of winter convection to spring stratification (Cruise Presentation - http://tinyurl.com/cfhenpm and Cruise Proposal - http://tinyurl.com/72g8ys2).


The real-time nutrient measurements onboard and microzooplankton sampling & grazing experiments will be used with concomitant measurements of marine carbonate system and O2 measurements, vertical distribution, size structure and taxonomic composition of plankton and particles, biomass transfer efficiencies in convective and bloom regimes, interactions between zooplankton consumers and sinking particles and copepod diapause dynamics and predation.

Scientific Expectations:

Interested teams should propose participants with experience in either nutrient measurements, or microzooplankton sampling and experiments onboard, and minimum equipment requirements. Interested parties are expected to cover both legs to assure sampling protocol continuity. Invited participants will also have equal co-authorship opportunities as current participants.

Data Sharing:

Invited participants will benefit from full access to the cruise data, and are expected to grant access to all other cruise participants. Cruise data will be archived at PANGAEA.de according to project data policy, with restricted access to participants only, for up to two years.

Cruise Details:

RV METEOR will sails on the “Deep Convection” cruise in spring 2012: Leg 1: Lisbon-Thorshavn, 18 March-6 April 2012 Leg 2: Thorshavn-Reykjavik, 6 April-2 May 2012

For participants and planned sampling, see Cruise Presentation - http://tinyurl.com/cfhenpm.

Interested parties for nutrients cycling should contact EURO-BASIN Project Office (cruise@euro-basin.eu) BEFORE 15 DEC 2011.

EURO-BASIN Cruise 2012