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Joint ART-APECS Science Workshop (23-26 October 2012, Sopot, Poland)


Joint ART-APECS Science Workshop “Overcoming challenges of observation to model integration in marine ecosystem response to sea ice transitions”

This workshop will thematically address the challenge of integrating modelling and observations in order to identify linkages and feedbacks between atmosphere-ice-ocean forcings and biological-geochemical processes that are key to ecosystem function, land-ocean interactions and to the productive capacity of the Arctic Ocean.

The workshop will be divided in two parts: the first one (23-24 Oct.) is jointly organized with APECS  and will propose training sessions on theoretical and practical aspects of marine sciences. The second part (25-26 Oct.) will be dedicated to plenary talks and break-out sessions to discuss and initiate the writing of collaborative papers.

The ART-APECS Workshop is open to any scientists who share a common interest in improving our knowledge and projective capacity of the causes and implications of changing atmosphere-ice-ocean conditions on marine ecosystems on multiple time-scales.

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