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Funding opportunities for OCB scientists

  1. Summer Satellite Remote Sensing Training Course (31 May - 14 June 2013, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
    OCB has funds for five U.S. students or postdocs to participate in this course, including tuition, housing, and food expenses. If interested, please send a brief statement (1 page or less) to the OCB Project Office (hbenway@whoi.edu) by March 8, 2013. The statement should address your interest in and expectations of the course and its potential to enhance to your research. Statements will be reviewed by the OCB Project Office, OCB SSC leadership, and the course organizer Bruce Monger (see below). *Please bear in mind that this is a full immersion class and participation for the entire 2 weeks is essential to gain all of the class benefits*.
    Course information:
    A two-week summer satellite training course is being offered once again to marine scientists who have modest or no prior experience with satellite remote sensing techniques. The course is highly methods-oriented and intended to give participants the practical skills needed to work independently to acquire, analyze and visualize large data sets derived from a wide variety of ocean satellite sensors. Strong emphasis is given to ocean color remote sensing and the use of NASA's SeaDAS software (both version 6 and 7-beta) to derive mapped imagery of geophysical parameters (e.g., chlorophyll or CDOM) from raw SeaWiFS, MODIS, MERIS and VIIRS data. The course also covers image analysis methods to work with satellite imagery of sea surface temperature, ocean wind speed and sea surface height.  Developing good IDL programming skills for data analysis and visualization is a central component of the course. A new topic being added this year is a basic introduction to Python programming and running SeaDAS with relatively simple Python scripts to batch process ocean color data from Level-1 to Level-3. For more information (including course syllabus and application instructions):
    Visit: www.geo.cornell.edu/ocean/satellite
    Email: Bruce Monger (bcm3@cornell.edu)
  2. Ocean Optics Summer Class: Calibration and validation of ocean color remote sensing (7 July - 2 August 2013, Univ. of Maine's, Darling Marine Center)
    OCB will provide travel support for U.S.-based students and postdocs participating in this class.  See class details and application instructions in the 2/25 email (http://www.us-ocb.org/archives/email25bfeb.html). Course application deadline: March 1, 2013, please see revised link to apply: http://www.dmc.maine.edu/pdfs/optics2013info.app.pdf
  3. International Ocean Colour Science Meeting (6-8 May 2013, Darmstadt, Germany)
    OCB will provide $1,000 in travel support to each of up to 20 early career U.S. scientists to help them participate in this meeting. If interested, please contact the OCB Project Office (hbenway@whoi.edu) with a brief statement of interest and financial need by March 8, 2013.