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NOAA Competitive Grants Announcement (NOAA-NOS-NCCOS-2015-2004160)


The NOAA Ocean Acidification Program and the NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science have released a new competitive grants announcement for availability of grant funds for FiscalYear 2015. An announcement of opportunity has been published to submit proposals through Grants.gov:http://www.grants.gov/search-grants.html?agencies%3DDOC%7CDepartment%20of%20Commerce
Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-NOS-NCCOS-2015-2004160.

Funding Opportunity Title: Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program; Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research; Multiple Effects of Ocean Acidification and Nutrient Loading to Coastal Marine Ecosystems

The closing date for the Letters of Intent is August 11, 2014.

The closing date for the full applications is October 23, 2014.