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IMBER relevant meetings 2008

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2-12 January: Honolulu, Hawaii
Institute on "The Monsoon System: Prediction of Change and Variability".
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9-11 January: Melbourne, Australia
Hydrologic Prediction: Modelling, Observation and Data Assimilation.
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5 Jan -5 Feb: McMurdo Station, Antarctica
2008 INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE TRAINING COURSE IN ANTARCTIC BIOLOGY: "Integrative Biology and Adaptation of Antarctic Marine Organisms"
Deadline for Application: 15 August, 2007
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4-8 Feb: Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
Workshop: Shedding light on the dark ocean: breaking paradigms in biogeochemistry, diversity and plankton metabolism in the meso- and bathypelagic realm
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19 Feb: Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, Plymouth, UK
Illuminating ocean ecosystems Developments in bio-optics for observing the ocean carbon cycle - A celebration of the research career of Professor Jim Aiken
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20 Feb: London, UK
LYELL Meeting 2008: Bringing together the science of past and present climate change to inform about the future
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25-29 Feb: Faro, South Portugal
1st Metech Workshop :"From deep-sea to coastal zones: Methods & Techniques for studying Palaoenvironments
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2-7 March: Orlando, Florida, USA
The 14th Ocean Sciences Meeting (Joint with ASLO, ERF, TOS and AGU): From the Watershed to the Global Ocean.
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3 March: IMBER Town Hall Meeting / IMBER Meeting
Discover the status and opportunities of the IMBER project, and meet with members of the project SSC, at a town hall meeting during the ASLO/Ocean Sciences meeting in Orlando, FL. The IMBER meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 3th, noon to 1:30 PM, in room W101.
Organizers: Dennis Hansell and Mike Roman

10-13 March: London, UK
The Leverhulme Climate Symposium 2008: Earth's Climate: Past, Present and Future
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11-13 March: London, UK
Oceanology International 2008 Conference: Technology, Sustainability and the Oceans
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31 March -4 April: Arcachon, France
WCRP JSC-XXIX session (invitation only)
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31 March -4 April: Warnemunde, Germany
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3 April : Plymouth, UK
Marine Plankton: From Cells to Ecosystems
A celebration of the Scientific career of Professor Patrick M. Holligan
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8-11 April : Paris, France
Genomes 2008: Functional genomics of microorganisms
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8-11 April : Hyytiälä, Finland
iLEAPS-ICOS-NitroEurope workshop on “Eddy covariance flux measurement of CH4 and N2O exchanges”
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16-18 April : Norfolk, VA, USA
ICED model development workshop / IMBER sponsored meeting

21-22 April : Certosa di Pontignano, Tosacana, Italy
EUR-OCEANS Workshop: Ecosystems End to End: Links and Levels in Marine Ecosystems.
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21-24 April : Brest, France / IMBER Workshop!
CLIMECO Workshop: Climate driving of marine ecosystem changes: Training for young marine scientists.
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4-9 May: Cape Town, South Africa
4th IGBP Congress: Sustainable Livelihood in a Changing Earth System
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4-11 May: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
New Generation of Polar Researchers (NGPR) Symposium for Early Career Scientists Conducting Polar Research during the upcoming International Polar Year (IPY)
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5-7 May: Liège, Belgium
40th International Liège Colloquium on Oceanic Dynamics and Advanced Research Workshop - Oceanography of the rapidly changing Arctic and Sub-Arctic
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5-10 May: Liège, Belgium
NATO-Russian Advanced Research Workshop on the "Influence of Climatic Change on Arctic and Subarctic Changing Conditions" in connection with the 40th International Liège Colloquium on Oceanic Dynamics and Advanced Research Workshop
Deadline for Abstracts: 31 December 2007
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8 May: Cape-Town, South Africa / IMBER sponsored meeting
Topic session: “Biogeochemistry and Food Web Interactions along Continental Margins: Forcing and Feedbacks of Carbon Cycle in Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Systems”, organized during the IGBP Congress. Further info
Co-conveners: Jing Zhang (IMBER) and Cisco Werner (GLOBEC)

12-14 May: Plymouth, UK
Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research Workshop: "Exploring the links between ocean-atmosphere interactions and DMS production"
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14-16 May: Göteborg, Sweden
Workshop: Iron biogeochemistry across marine systems at changing times
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19-23 May: Gijon, Spain
ICES/PICES/IOC Symposium: Effects of climate change on the world's oceans / Deadline extended to January 25, 2008.
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21-25 May: Sabah, Malyasia
7th IOC/WESTPAC International Science Symposium: 'Natural Hazards and changing Marine Environment in the Western Pacific'
Enquiries to taupek@mosti.gov.my

28-30 May: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Controls on organic carbon export and twilight zone mineralization / EUr-Oceans WP5 Workshop
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2-6 June: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Eastern boundary upwelling ecosystems: integrative and comparative approaches / IMBER sponsored Meeting!
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8-13 June: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
2008 ASLO Summer Meeting: Interactions on the Edge
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10-12 June: Seattle, Washington, USA
2nd Joint Global Ocean Surface Underway Data (GOSUD) / Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS) Workshop
Deadline for abstract submission and registration: April 1, 2008
Further information: SAMOS and GOSUD

16-17 June: Paris, France
SOCAT 2: Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) Project / IMBER sponsored Meeting!
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17-20 June: Copenhagen, Denmark
CCC project's Workshop on Cod and Future Climate Change at ICES , convened by K. Drinkwater (Norway), J. Dippner (Germany) and C. Schrum (Norway).
For further information contact Keith Brander (keith@ices.dk).

23-26 June : Plymouth, UK
Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research Symposium
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30 June-10 July: Dunban, Scotland
Deadline for Application: 30 april, 2008
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2 July: The Geological Society, London, UK
"Uncertainties of the Ocean Carbon Cycle: understanding changes in fluxes and ecosystems"
Registration is open to the public. Contact: Julia Crocker (jlc@pml.ac.uk)

6-11 July: Lisbon, Portugal
8th Larval Biology Symposium
Further information at: http://ipimar-iniap.ipimar.pt/larval/index.html

8-11 July: FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy
International Symposium“Coping with global change in marine social-ecological systems”
Further information / IMBER sponsored Meeting!

8-11 July: St. Petersburg, Russia
Polar Research: Arctic and Antarctic Perspectives in the International Polar Year SCAR/IASC IPY Open Science Conference
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ICED Related Session: The "Polar Marine Ecosystems: Status and Change" session will link research related to ICED with SO GLOBEC, CAML, and other relevant programmes.

16-18 July: Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA
First ICED model development workshop/ IMBER sponsored Meeting!
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21-24 July: Woods Hole, MA, USA
Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Science Workshop
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11-16 August: Ankara, Turkey
Analyses of the interactions between end to end marine food webs and biogeochemical cycles (E2E EcoModel): International Summer School for young marine scientists. / IMBER sponsored Summer School!
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26-19 August: Galway, Ireland
ICES Symposium on Herring: Linking biology, ecology, and status of populations in a changing environment  
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1-4 September: Brest, France
PHYSIOMAR 08: Physiological aspects of reproduction, nutrition and growth "Marine molluscs in a changing environment"
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2-5 September: Maine, USA
Workshop on the Antarctic climate record of the past 200-1000 years.
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8-11 September: Menai Bridge/Bangor, Wales
2008 Challenger Society Oceanography Conference
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8-11 September: Marseille and Paris, France
French-Japan Oceanography symposium
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15-19 September, 2008: IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany.
Summer School: BIOCAT Biogeochemical Interactions between the Ocean and the Atmosphere
Deadline for Application: 30 April, 2008
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22-26 September: Halifax, Canada
ICES Annual Meeting
List of sessions
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29 Sept-1 Oct: Island of Rhodes, Greece
WORKSHOP Third ESF--MedCLIVAR: "Understanding the mechanisms responsible for the changes in the Mediterranean Sea circulation and sea-level trends"
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29 Sept -3 Oct: Bahía Blanca, Argentina
Science and management of estuaries and coasts: A tale of two hemispheres
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6-9 October: Monaco
2nd Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World
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6-10 October: Il Ciocco, Tuscany, Italy
Ocean Optics XIX
Deadline for abstracts: June 1, 2008
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9-11 October: Jolla, CA
Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Scoping Workshop on Ocean Acidification Research
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11-16 October: University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
Eco-DĀS vııı: Ecological Dissertations in the Aquatic Sciences
Deadline for Application: 30 April, 2008
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13-18 October: Boca del Rio, Mexico
Mexico’s XV National Meeting on Oceanography and the 2nd International Meeting on Marine Sciences
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13-21 October: Maputo, Mozambique
ICSU 29th General Assembly
Deadline for Application: 12 September, 2008
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20-21 October: Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
SCOR 50th Anniversary Symposium
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20-23 October: Birmingham, UK
Chapman Conference 'Organic Matter Fluorescence'
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22-24 October: Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
XXIX SCOR General Meeting
Deadline for Application: 30 April, 2008
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23 Oct-2 Nov: Dalian, PR China
PICES Annual Meeting: Beyond observations to achieving understanding and forecasting in a changing North Pacific: Forward to the FUTURE / Special session co-sponsored by IMBER - click HERE
Deadline for Application: 1 July, 2008
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27-29 October: ISMAL, Algeria
International Congress "Anthropogenic impacts on the Marine Environment"
Deadline for Abstract submission: 30 May, 2008
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4-6 November: Tokyo, Japan
"First International Symposium on Arctic Research - Drastic Change Under Global Warming"
Deadline for abstracts: May 31, 2008
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2-9 November: Saguaro Lake Ranch, AZ, USA
Interdisciplinary Climate Research Symposium
DISCCRS IV Symposium
Deadline for abstracts: April 30, 2008
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3-5 November: Napoly, Italy
Constrain, understand and model biocomplexity in plankton communities
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9-13 November: Miami, FL, USA
First IMBER IMBIZO: “Biogeochemical and ecosystems interactions in a changing ocean”. / IMBER Meeting!
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11-15 November: Valencia, Spain
World Conference on Marine Biodiversity
Deadline for abstracts: February 1, 2008
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12-15 November: Nice, France
Final GODAE Symposium 2008: “The revolution in global ocean forecasting GODAE: 10 years of achievement”
Deadline for abstracts: June 30, 2008 / IMBER sponsored Meeting!
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17-20 November: St Petersburg, FL, USA
Coastal Cities Summit 2008: Values & Vulnerabilities
Deadline for abstracts: May 15, 2008
Further information

17-21 November: Noumea, New Caledonia
SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Symposium
Deadline for abstracts: June 2, 2008
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25-27 November: Rome, Italia
EUR-OCEANS Final Meeting
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2-6 December: Guangzhou, China
PORSEC 2008: Oceanic manifestation of global changes: The 9th Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference
Deadline for abstract submission: 15th July 2008
Further information

9-12 December: Quebec City, Canada
Arctic change 2008
Special session (T36): Recent Advances in Coupled Physical / Bio-Geochemical Modeling in Polar Seas
Deadline for abstract submission: 26 September 2008
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15-17 December: Washington, DC USA / IMBER sponsored Meeting!
Second IMBER/GLOBEC Transition Task Team meeting

15-19 December: San Francisco, California
2008 AGU Fall Meeting
Deadline for session proposals: 13 June 2008
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15 December - 30 January : Concepcion, Chile
Austral Summer Institute IX
ASI IX will be devoted to Coastal Processes and Environmental Problems
Deadline for application: 28 Sept 2008
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