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Special session at the AOGS - AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly meeting (13-17 August, 2012, Singapore)


AOGS - AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly meeting (13-17 August, 2012, Singapore) - Special session OS12: "Physical and biogeochemical processes in the Indian Ocean: Recent progress and toward future collaborations" 

Abstract deadline: 12 March, 2012. 
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  • OS12: “Physical and biogeochemical processes in the Indian Ocean: Recent progress and toward future collaborations”
    Conveners: Yukio Masumoto, Raleigh Hood, Weidong Yu, M. Ravichandran
    Session Description
    The Indian Ocean has been the recent focus of attention in climate variability research, following the discovery of the Indian Ocean Dipole with potential links to the El Nino/Southern Oscillation and intraseasonal disturbances in the tropical region, identification of large amplitude decadal to multi-decadal variations and a systematic warming trend over the past few decades, and clarification of biogeochemical and ecological responses to these climate variations. The Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS) has been developing, now reaching to 60% of its full implementation, and the SIBER project has been recently launched, in which links between the physical and biogeochemical/ecological research are essential. Considering these recent efforts in the Indian Ocean research, it is timely to provide an opportunity to facilitate these activities and discuss further development of interdisciplinary research in the Indian Ocean in the future.
    The objective of this session is to share our knowledge on and to advance our understanding of the variability in the Indian Ocean, including the physical, biogeochemical and ecological aspects as well as those related to atmosphere-ocean interactions. Discussions to facilitate mutual interactions among different research communities will be expected and encouraged.