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Workshop 1

End-to-End Food Webs Workshop


Day 1 - Monday Nov. 10, 2008

 8:30-8:45  Opening Session / Welcome   Julie Hall

 Plenary E2E: Ontogenetic vertical migrating copepod Neocalanus: Pivotal role linking the end-to-end food web in the subarctic North Pacific

 Hiroaki Saito

 Plenary Meso: A Zone of Transition: The Mysteries of the Mesopelagic

 Richard Lampitt
 10:15-10:45  Coffee Break

 Plenary Bathy: Linking the Surface Ocean to the Deep Sea: Lessons from Station Aloha

 Dave Karl
  11:30-12:30  Session: End-to-End food webs: background, concepts and issues
 (Chair: Mike Roman / Rapporteur: Bob Cowen)

 Bridging gaps by weaving marine food webs from end to end

IMBIZO_Moloney.pdf 407.79 kB
  Coleen Moloney

 Complexity, Food Web Theory and Marine Ecosystem Models: Recognising and Embracing Complexity

 Mike St John
 12:30-13:30  Lunch Buffet

 Spatial and temporal operation of food webs: scales of interaction in oceanic ecosystems

 Eugene Murphy

 Reconciling Concepts in Biological Oceanography In the Context of End-to-End Trophic Webs

 Dian Gifford
 14:00-14:15  E2E workshop plenary discussion: What is an end-to-end food web?  
   Session: Key issues in end-to-end food web analyses
 (Chair: Coleen Moloney / Rapporteur: Astrid Jarre)
 14:15-16:00  Breakaway sessions: What are the key issues to consider in E2E food web analyses? (groups of 3-5 people to prepare one slide)  
 16:00-16:30  Coffee Break
  16:30-17:30   E2E workshop plenary discussion (5 mn presentations and discussions from the 10-12 breakaway groups)  
  17:30-18:00   E2E workshop plenary discussion & summary of day's activities  
  18:00  Ice breaker

Day 2 - Tuesday Nov. 11, 2008

 8:30-10:30  Session: End-to-End operation of regional ecosystems
 (Chair: Michio Kishi / Rapporteur: Mike St John)

 Synthesis of Southern Ocean Food Webs

IMBIZO_Hofmann.pdf 475.67 kB
 Eileen Hofmann

 Effects of climate-driven changes on North-Central Adriatic food webs:an End-to-End approach

 Simone Libralato

 Ecological Control of Subtropical Nutrient Concentrations

 Stephanie Dutkiewicz
      Fei Chai

 End-to-end controls in the Black Sea A coupled plankton-anchovy population dynamics model of the Black Sea

 Baris Salihoglu
   E2E workshop Plenary discussion - Common features and major differences in regional food webs  
 10:30-11:00  Coffee Break
 11:00-12:30  Session: Modelling approaches to develop end-to-end food web analysis
 (Chair: Jing Zhang / Rapporteur: Eugene Murphy)

 NEMO-PISCES-APECOSM (NPA), an integrated numerical model for studying 3D coupling betwen circulation, biogeochemistry and ecosystems

  Olivier Maury

 Applications of the NEMURO.FISH model

 Michio Kishi

 Integration of physical, biogeochemical, and ecological processes in food-web end-to-end models

 Cosimo Solidoro
 (speaker: Simone Libralato)

 Qualitative ways to approach complex problems in marine ecosystems

IMBIZO_jarre.pdf 677.02 kB
 Astrid Jarre
   E2E workshop plenary discussion - Modelling approaches for end-to-end food web: difficulties and way forward  
 12:30-13:30  Lunch Buffet
  13:30-17:00   Session: Field programmes, observations and experimentation for end-to-end food web analyses
 (Chair: Olivier Maury / Rapporteur: Roger Harris)

 Trophic Cascades, Omnivory and Ecological Stoichiometry

IMBIZO_Dam.pdf 126.10 kB
 Hans Dam

 Zooplankton studies in the context of E2E objectives

 Fran├žois Carlotti
   Response of ocean phytoplankton ecology to climate change over the 21st Century   Irina Marinov
   E2E workshop Plenary discussion - How might end-to-end food web approaches be incorporated into field programmes, observations and experiments?  
   Breakaway sessions - Recommendations for linking biogeochemsitry and food webs: the way forward in models, experiments and field programmes  
 17:00-19:00  Joint Poster Session

Day 3 - Wednesday Nov. 12, 2008

 8:30-10:00  Discussion session / Preparation of Plenary Presentations  

 Plenary on Data Integration

 Raymond Pollard
  10:30-11:00  Coffee Break
 11:00-12:30  Plenary Session: Reports from each workshop  

 Report from the End-to-End Food Web Working Group

 Coleen Moloney

 Report from the Mesopelagic Working Group

  Karen Wishner and Javier Aristegui

 Report from the Bathypelagic working group: Biogeochemical cycling

 Dan Repeta

 Report from the Bathypelagic working group: Microbial Dynamics

 Doug Bartlett
 12:30-13:30  Lunch Buffet
  13:30-14:30  E2E workshop plenary discussion - Report-backs and discussion from the breakaway groups  
  14:30-16:30  E2E workshop plenary discussion - Linking biogeochemistry and food webs: the way forward in models, experiments and field programs.  
 16:30-17:00  E2E workshop break out session for synthesis / writing  
 17:00-19:00  Joint Poster Session

Day 4 - Thursday Nov. 13, 2008

 8:30-10:30  Break-out session: Discussions and writing  
  10:30-11:00  Coffee Break
 11:00-12:30  Final Plenary Session  

 E2E FW workshop Final Report


 Mesopelagic workshop Final Report


 Bathypelagic workshop Final Report

   Closing IMBIZO  Julie Hall
 12:30-13:30  Lunch Buffet