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Publishing & Grant Workshops

Publishing Workshop

Monday morning, 26 October 2015

0900    Welcome and workshop outline and goals (Luaine Bandounas and Eileen Hofmann)

0905    Selecting a Journal (Luaine Bandounas)

0930    Writing a Paper (Eileen Hofmann) 

1000    Plagiarism and Open Access (Luaine Bandounas) 

1025    Open discussion

1030    Coffee/tea

1100    Manuscript Review  (Eileen Hofmann)

1125    Author Rights  (Luaine Bandounas) 

1145    Question and Answer Session

1200    Adjourn for Lunch


Grant Writing Workshop

Monday afternoon, 26 October 2015

1400 Welcome and workshop outline and goals (Eileen Hofmann, Old Dominion University)

1405    Grant Applications   (Eileen Hofmann) 

1440    European Union Proposals   (Einar Svendsen, Institute of Marine Research)  

1500    Coffee/tea

1530    Belmont Forum/International Funding   (Ken Drinkwater, Institute of Marine Research)

1550    NSF Proposals  (Eileen Hofmann)

1610    NERC Proposals  (Eugene Murphy, British Antarctic Survey)

1630    Open Discussion/Question and Answer