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Call for applications: SGA Network mentoring scheme


The SGA Network is implementing a mentoring scheme for early career scientists and researchers. This scheme will seek to facilitate the establishment of mentoring relationships between early-career scientists and researchers working in the field of ecosystem assessments/services, and established assessment practitioners, in order to promote capacity development for undertaking and using current or upcoming ecosystem assessments.

Successful applicants taking up positions on this scheme will receive grants up to the value of $3,500 (USD) to cover any travel and subsistence costs incurred as a result of participating in this mentoring scheme.

If you are interested in:

- Applying for this scheme;

- Passing this on to any of your colleagues whom you think would be interested in applying for a position on the scheme; or

- Distributing this invite through your professional networks.

To apply for a position on the SGA Network mentoring scheme, please read the letter of invitation, and complete and submit an application form which can be found below:

Mentoring invite and application form (123.05 kB).

The deadline for submission of applications is at 5:30pm BST on 15th May.