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New IMBER endorsed project! MEcoPAM


National Basic Research Program of China (973-III) 

Sustainability of Marine Ecosystem Production under Multi-stressors and Adaptive Management (MEcoPAM)

The goal of this project is to investigate the key process of integrated marine biogeochemistry and marine food web and elucidate the impact of multi-stressors on sustainable production of marine ecosystem. The key questions of this program is to identify and characterize the interaction of marine biogeochemical cycles and marine ecosystem, and to understand the response of sustainability of typical marine ecosystem to multi-stressors. Its successful implementation should have strong scientific basis to the management of sustainability of Chinese coastal ecosystem production.

The project will develop strong interaction and integration of teams and members from multi-disciplinary in marine ecosystem science. Significant efforts will be made to foster excellent young scientists pursuing in the frontiers within the program. The public database and resource of coastal ecosystem will be developed and maintained.


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