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Research scientist with primary expertise in cartilaginous fishes, within the Deep Sea Species Research Group, IMR, Tromsø, Norway


Research Scientist on elasmobranches (st.nr. 68-12)

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway is seeking a research scientist with primary expertise in cartilaginous fishes. The position is permanent and located in Tromsø within the Deep Sea Species Research Group.

Responsibilities will include developing methods for monitoring these typically data-poor species, developing research projects to establish relevant biological knowledge, initiating and conducting research by acquiring funding, and publishing results in international peer-reviewed journals. The successful candidate will also participate in national and international working groups and committees, and contribute to advising Norwegian and other authorities concerning the management of cartilaginous fish resources.

We want to build a robust expertise in elasmobranch research at the institute and the work will therefore be done in close collaboration with other scientists and technicians in the research group. The successful candidate will also be expected to contribute to other research activities at the institute. Participation in field sampling programs and oceanic surveys as well as other travel must also be expected.

We seek a self-motivated scientist with a Ph.D. in fisheries biology, marine biology, marine ecology or other relevant field, and with proven capabilities in project development, scientific publication and research on cartilaginous fish. Good expertise in quantitative methods is required, and so are good communication and cooperation skills, ability to lead others through effective project management and ability to work independently and effectively towards objectives. Fluency in English is required, and working knowledge or better in a Scandinavian language is highly desirable.

The position can be applied for at different levels, from scientist (at least holding a PhD or equivalent), through senior scientist (~ 8-10 peer-reviewed papers), to principal scientist (international authority), corresponding to the codes 1109, 1110 and 1183 in the Norwegian system. Salary varies between approx. NOK 460.000 - 650.000 according to competence level and skills. Please specify the level at which you are applying. From the gross salary 2% is deducted to the State Pension Fund. 

If there are no qualified applicants that meet the criteria for at least level 1109 (scientist), a temporary appointment at the lower level 1108 (minimum qualification MSc) can be considered if it is highly probable that the candidate will qualify for the 1109 level within 1-2 years. Upon degree completion within the time limit, the incumbent will be considered for permanent appointment.

We offer challenging and creative working opportunities in a national institute with extensive international contacts, flexible working hours and good pensions and welfare systems. Want more information? Please contact head of research group Ole Thomas Albert, oleta@imr.no, +47 7760 9736, or visit our web site www.imr.no

IMR is committed to gender equality and to diversity in the cultural and social background of its employees and encourage all qualified candidates to apply. Women are especially encouraged to apply. It should be noted that information about applicants might be published even if the applicant has asked to be anonymous. In this case applicants will be notified in advance.

Applications should be submitted electronically via the link on this page, and should be accompanied by a full CV, relevant certificates and list of publications. Any previous skills assessment for 1110/1183 Researcher should also be provided, along with pdf files of relevant publications and reports.

Application deadline: 10/12/2012