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HDWG publications and reports

  • Bundy, A., Chuenpagdee, R., Cooley, S. R., Defeo, O., Glaeser, B., Guillotreau, P., Isaacs, M., Mitsutaku, M. and Perry, R. I. (2015), A decision support tool for response to global change in marine systems: the IMBER-ADApT Framework. Fish and Fisheries. doi: 10.1111/faf.12110 Article
  • The HDWG first meeting, 18-20 April, 2011, Paris. Final report.
  • HDWG Terms of Reference.

HDWG first meeting, 18-20 April, 2011, Paris. Presentations

  • "Fisheries Diversity and the Ecosystem-based management" (Makino and Matsuda)
  • "Adaptation Research in Fisheries:insights from case studies and the road ahead" (Badjeck)
  • "Impacts of climate, fisheries and governance in Latin American shellfishes" (Defeo)
  • "Beyong natural hazards " (Glaeser)
  • "Creating an enabling environment for fishery-dependent communities to cope, adapt and mitigate climate change" (Monieba)
  • "The IndiSeas experience to evaluate and communicate the ecological status of exploited marine ecosystems using data-based indicators" (Bundy et al.)
  • "How human communities could "feel" changing ocean biogeochemistry" (Cooley)
  • "Human Dimensions for marine ecosystems and indicator researches: Main results from PICES SG-HD" (Makino)
  • "GLOBEC and its Human Dimensions Working Group (F4WG)" (Perry)
  • "An Interactive Governance Approach to Mitigating Ecosystem Change and Enhancing Coping Capacity" (Chuenpagdee)

Relevant publications and reports

  • Perry et al. (2011) Marine social–ecological responses to environmental change and the impacts of globalization, Perry et al., 2011, Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Fish and Fisheries.
  •  Cultural Dimensions of Climate Change, Human Ecology Review, Vol. 17, No. 2, 2010.
  • Glaeser and Glaser (2010) Global change and coastal threats: The Indonesian case. An attempt in multi-level social-ecological research, Research in Human Ecology, Vol. 17, No. 2, 2010 
  • Badjeck et al. (2010) Impacts of climate variability and change on fishery - based livelihoods, Marine Policy 34 375–383.
  • Barange et al. (2010) Modelling the potential impacts of climate change and human activities on the sustainability of marine resources, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2 326–333.

  • Blackford (2010) Predicting the impacts of ocean acidification: challenges from an ecosystem perspective, Journal of Marine Systems 81 12–18. 

    Blackford_2010.pdf 275.19 kB
  • Brander (2010) Impacts of climate change on fisheries, Journal of Marine Systems 79 389–40. 

  • Grafton (2010) Adaptation to climate change in marine capture fisheries, Marine Policy 34 606–615. 

    Grafton_2010.pdf 302.84 kB
  • Njock and Westlund (2010) Migration, resource management and global change: Experiences from fishing communities in Westand Central Africa, Marine Policy 34 752–760. 

  • Perry and Ommer (2010) Introduction: Coping with global change in marine social-ecological systems, Marine Policy 34 739–741. 

  • Perry et al. (2010) The challenge of adapting marine social–ecological systems to the additional stress of climate change, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2 356–363. 

  • Perry et al. (2010) Sensitivity of marine systems to climate and fishing: Concepts, issues and management responses, Journal of Marine Systems 79 427–435. 

  • Perry et al. (2010) Introduction to the GLOBEC 3rd Open Science Meeting: From ecosystem function to ecosystem prediction, Progress in Oceanography 87 1–5. 

  • Perry et al. (2010) Global changes in marine systems: A social–ecological approach, Progress in Oceanography 87 331–337. 

  • Allison et al. (2009) Vulnerability of national economies to the impacts of climate change on fisheries, Fish and Fisheries 10 173–196. 

  • Perry and Ommer (2002) GLOBEC Focus 4 Workshop Report Global Changes In Marine Communities: Who Done It? 

Relevant websites

  • Globec Focus 4 WG on “Feedback from Marine Ecosystem Changes” - Web site
  • Questfish - Web site
  • The Stockholm Resilience Centre - Web site