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SOCOVV Workshop (11-14 April 2007, Paris, France)


Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerabilities (SOCOVV), SOCOVV Workshop , 11-14 April 2007, IOC/UNESCO, Paris, France (Contributed by N.Metzl and B. Tilbrook (co-chairs)).

 In October 2005, the first joint meeting of the IOCCP and the SOLAS-IMBER Carbon group (SIC) was held during the 7th International CO2 conference in Broomfield, Colorado. A major outcome of the Broomfield gathering was an agreement for IOCCP to work with the SIC-SOS sub-group (Surface Ocean Systems) to plan an international workshop on the scientific basis for VOS network design and data synthesis efforts related to CO2 sources and sinks in the ocean. The workshop was titled the Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerabilities (SOCOVV), and was planned and held at UNESCO, Paris (co-chairs N.Metzl, IPSL/France, B.Tilbrook, CSIRO/Australia and R.Dargaville/IOCCP). The meeting was co-sponsored by IOCCP, SOLAS, IMBER, and the Global Carbon Project.

The main goals of the meeting were:

  1. to review our knowledge of the air-sea CO2 flux variability and uncertainties from seasonal to decadal scales, and to promote global CO2 data synthesis activities;
  2. to address new questions regarding the vulnerability of the oceanic carbon cycle;
  3. to obtain prior to the meeting, at national and regional levels, information on recent and future CO2 VOS lines, time-series stations, and ocean carbon processes studies;
  4. to develop future observing system and data management strategies for ocean carbon sources and sinks.

To read the co-chairs summary in full, click  here

Summary from the Second meeting of the SOLAS/IMBER Carbon research group, by Sylvie Roy for IOCCP Newsletter.

SOCOVV article by Metzl et al, IMBER Update, Issue N°7, June 2007

Online Publication of the SOCOVV Workshop