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Publications and reports


  • Heinze C. & Gehlen M., 2013. Chapter 26 – Modeling ocean biogeochemical processes and the resulting tracer distributions. International Geophysics 103:667-694. Article
  • Mora C., Wei C.-L., Rollo A., Amaro T., Baco A. R., Billett D., Bopp L., Chen Q., Collier M., Danovaro R., Gooday A. J., Grupe B. M., Halloran P. R., Ingels J., Jones D. O. B., Levin L. A., Nakano H., Norling K., Ramirez-Llodra E., Rex M., Ruhl A. R., Smith C. R., Sweetman A. K., Thurber A. R., Tjiputra J. F., Usseglio P., Watling L., Wu T. & Yasuhara M., 2013. Biotic and human vulnerability to projected changes in ocean biogeochemistry over the 21st century. PLOS Biology 11:e1001682. Article
  • A. Lenton, B. Tilbrook, R. M. Law, D. Bakker, S. C. Doney, N. Gruber, M. Ishii, M. Hoppema, N. S. Lovenduski, R. J. Matear, B. I. McNeil, N. Metzl, S. E. Mikaloff Fletcher, P. M. S. Monteiro, C. R¨odenbeck, C. Sweeney, and T. Takahashi, 2013. Sea–air CO2 fluxes in the Southern Ocean for the period 1990–2009. Biogeosciences, 10, 4037–4054. Article



  • Report of the SOLAS/IMBER subgroup 1: Surface Ocean System (SIC-SOS), 12 May 2009, Nicolas Metzl. 
  • Special issue in Deep Sea Research part II, Vol 56, n°8-10, 2009. 'Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerabilities'. Guest Editors: Sylvie Roy, Nicolas Metzl, Bronte Tilbrook, Scott Doney, Richard Feely, Dorothee Bakker and Corinne Le Quéré. Further info


  • Report of the Second Meeting of the SOLAS/IMBER Carbon Research group (10 April 2007, UNESCO, Paris)