8th CJK IMBeR Symposium

Time: 2018.09.17 - 2018.09.19
Location: Shanghai, China


The 8th China - Japan - Korea IMBeR Symposium will be hosted by the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC), East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, China in 17-19 September 2018.


Marine sciences researchers from China, Japan, and Korea have been worked actively at the frontier in the areas of Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics (GLOBEC) and Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) since early 1990s. Various scientific workshops and/or training activities have been taken among the three neighbor countries since then. Starting at 2002, the China-Japan-Korea GLOBEC/IMBER symposia have been an important venue for scientific exchange across focused marine science disciplines among the West Pacific region. With IMBER become the core project under Future Earth in 2016 and change its name as “IMBeR (Integrated Marine Biosphere Research)”, IMBeR has been working on interdisciplinary research in the ocean, atmosphere, and continental shelf. This interdisciplinary approach will contribute to the combination of natural sciences and social sciences in order to achieve the greatest effect of ocean management and policy development and to achieve sustainable development of the ocean.


The 8th China-Japan-Korea IMBeR Symposium will focus on analyzing the impact of climate change and anthropogenic forcing on physical processes and biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem structure and functions, and fisheries in the West Pacific region, and how these complex interactions in combination, in turn, influences marine ecosystem and human society in a broad aspect.

The following topics could be included in this symposium:

  1. Advances in observation and modelling of physical and biogeochemical processes in the West Pacific region
  2. The response of marine ecosystems to natural and anthropogenic forcing: past, present and future
  3. Responses of Society to global change in marine systems: ways forward

Scientific Committee


Organising Committee

  • GAO, Shu (China)
  • ZHANG, Jing (China)
  • LIU, Su Mei (China)
  • WU, Ying (China)
  • WU, Hui (China)
  • SAITO, Hiroaki (Japan)
  • OGAWA, Hiroshi (Japan)
  • ISHII, Masao (Japan)
  • LI, Yinji (Japan)
  • JU, Se-Jong (Korea)
  • YOO, Sinjae (Korea)
  • Satumanatpan, Suvaluck (Thailand)
  • WU, Ying (China)
  • LI, Yinji (Japan)
  • LI, Xiuzhen (China)
  • XU, Yi  (China)
  • ZUO, Fang (China)
  • ZHENG, Wei (China)

Call for Abstracts

The Scientific Program Committee invite all the experts, young scientists and students from the West Pacific region to the forum.

Online Registration & Abstract Submission

Deadline for Abstracts: Extended to 15 August 2018