Call for bids to host 2019 IMBER Open Science Conference

IMBER (Integrated Marine Biosphere Research) is planning to hold its second Open Science Conference (OSC) in 2019. The five-day OSC will provide a focus for the integration and synthesis of IMBER research activities with the goal of providing new understanding and quantification of the past, present and future structure and functioning of linked ocean and human systems in order to develop options for securing or transitioning towards ocean sustainability

Dr. Carol Robinson is the Chair of the OSC Scientific Steering Committee and appointment of the Scientific Steering Committee is underway.

IMBER is requesting proposals to host the OSC.  Expected participation is between 250 and 500 people. Bids should be submitted by 1 April 2017 and should include the following information:

  • Scientists and organisations who will serve as local hosts, including the expertise of local planning committee members,
  • Suitability of the location to attract leading scientists, provide outreach opportunities, and link with policymakers,
  • Suitability of the location for inexpensive international air travel, road and rail links and environmentally-friendly transport options (such as minimising connections),
  • Description of the meeting venue and capacity of the meeting space available for the duration of the meeting. Requirements include: reception area, one plenary room and 3 - 5 breakout rooms, area to exhibit posters, and additional smaller meeting rooms,
  • Availability of accommodation at a range of costs, including the number of rooms, distance from the meeting venue, and costs of rooms for high and low season,
  • Distance of meeting and accommodation facilities from major airport(s) or rail links and cost of transportation between airport and meeting and accommodation facilities,
  • Expected cost of meals per day,
  • Expected level of local support and associated funding, including ability to provide meeting space, audio-visual equipment, and staff support at no cost to the organisers,
  • Potential to raise other complementary support,
  • Dates when the facility is available in 2019,
  • Local entertainment and tourism possibilities, and
  • Plans to minimize environmental effects of the symposium.

Enquiries and bids should be sent to Lisa Maddison at the IMBER International Project Office before 1 April 2017.  Bids should be limited to about 10 pages