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Transportation & Tourist information


Jeju Airport Jeju Center

   1. Arrival by taxi

       Taxi service can be found on the ground floor of the domestic and international arrival halls. Taxi are metered, and a taxi from the airport to the Jeju center takes about 50 minutes and costs about KRW 30,000 (≈USD26).

   2. Arrival by rental car

      Car rental services are on the ground floor of the Jeju international airport near the arrival hall. The rental desk and tourist information desk is available by the Jeju Tourism Association.


Hamdeok Jeju Center

Morning and afternoon shuttle buses will be available between Hamdeok and KIOST Jeju center. FREE!

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Tourist information

※ As tourist spots in the east area of Jeju, there are DolHareubang (stone grandpa) Park, Gymnyeong Maze Park, Manjang Cave, Theme Park of the Fairy and the Woodcutter, Eco Land, and Bija Forest. 



  • Hamdeok Seoubong Beach 
    Hamdeok Seoubong Beach can accommodate 50,000 people per day. This 500-meter-long shallow sandy beach has no big waves and so is perfect for families keen on going swimming. There is a large parking lot, showers, locker room, inn and camp site. It is also open at night during the summer season.
Hours Open: June 28 ~ August 31 / Hours: 09:00 ~ before sunset 
Fees -
Amenities Accommodations, parking lot, inn, camp site, restaurant
Parking Facilities Parking for 500 cars
  • Manjanggul Cave
    Manjanggul Cave is a 7.4-km lava tube. It is an internationally-known large cave at 18m-wide and 23m-high. There are lots of lava tubes in the world, but one which is hundreds of thousands of years old, and as well preserved as Manjanggul, is rare. Manjanggul has three entrances created by sinkholes. Only the second entrance and 1km of the cave is open to the public now. Inside the cave, there are various lava tube structures including lava stalactites, and lava-stalagmites. The 7.6m lava column at the end of the public section of the cave is the largest of its kind in the world.
Hours Open: 09:00 ~ 18:00 

Adults: 2,000 won

Youths and Soldiers: 1,000 won

Children: 1,000 won

Groups (Adults: 1,600 won, Youths and Soldiers: 800 won, Children: 800 won)

Amenities -
Parking Facilities Parking for 75 cars, 60 buses
  • Bijarim Forest
    Bijarim is located 5.5km south of Pyeongdae Elementary School in Pyeongdae-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju City. There are more than 2,800 nutmeg trees which are 500~800 years old, the largest such forest in the world. There are two routes to enjoy the forest, a short course taking about 40 minutes and a 90-minute course. Strollers and wheelchairs are available for the short course. Bijarim is designated and protected as Natural Monument #374.
Hours Open: 09:00 ~ 18:00 

Individual Adults: 1,500 won

Youths and Soldiers: 800 won

Children: 800 won

Groups (Adults: 1,200 won, Youths and Soldiers: 600 won, Children: 600 won)

Amenities Restaurant and snack bar (064-782-2888)
Parking Facilities Parking for 110 cars

For detailed tourist information see http://english.jeju.go.kr