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Capacity Development for IMBER


  • Jing Zhang
    State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University
    Shanghai, China 
  • Edward Urban Jr.
    Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, University of Delaware
    Newark, USA 
  • Juliet Hall
    National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
    Hamilton, New Zealand 
  • Carina Lange
    Departamento de Oceanografía, Universidad de Concepción
    Concepción, Chile
  • John Morrison
    School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong
    Wollongong, Australia

Description of the workshop

The implementation of IMBER at regional and international scales needs capacity development (CD) support at the research project level. Different regions and different IMBER-related projects have different CD needs in order to make their research truly international and sustainable. The proposed workshop will provide opportunities for individual regional projects and task teams to meet in a small forum to discuss what CD activities would be useful to achieve their goals, individually and collectively, within IMBER. At the same time, early-career scientists who plan to attend the IMBER OSC will be invited to discuss what they would find most useful for their personal capacity development in a workshop focused on this topic. The IMBER Capacity Building Task Team will take advantage of the OSC 2014 to assess IMBER’s achievements in terms of capacity development so far and to organize some specific future IMBER-related CD activities.

The workshop will primarily be focused around discussion sessions designed to discuss past and current IMBER CD activities and to produce specific plans for future IMBER CD activities. These sessions will provide an opportunity for IMBER projects to present what they view as their CD needs. Before the discussion sessions will be presentations by individuals with experience in ocean science CD (teaching, supervision, mentoring, etc.). Such an approach will both showcase IMBER CD activities and what is happening within the IMBER community in relation to capacity development, as well as helping to determine whether any additional efforts are needed, especially in relation to developing countries.


Morrison, R.J., Zhang, J., Urban Jr., E.R., Hall, J., Ittekkot, V., Avril, B., Hu, L., Hong h, J.H., Kidwai, S., Lange, C., Lobanov, V., Machiwa, J., San Diego-McGlone, M.L., Oguz, T., Plumley, F.G., Yeemin, T., Zhu, W., Zuo, F., 2013. Developing human capital for successful implementation of international marine scientific research projects. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 77:11-22. Article 

Urban and Boscolo, 2013: http://www.tos.org/oceanography/archive/26-2_urban.pdf


Workshop Programme

This workshop will cover the following issues through information presentations and open discussions: 

  • Capacity building through workshops and meetings
  • Capacity building through summer schools
  • Capacity building through cooperative research and cruise experiences
  • Building capacity for project synthesis
  • How can the effectiveness of CB be evaluated?
  • Should IMBER CB activities change in the second half of the project?

For each topic, the discussion could include how IMBER has used these approaches, how the effectiveness of the approaches can be evaluated, and how they could be used to meet the ultimate goals of IMBER.  The input received from the survey will also be used in these discussions.

Time Presenter Title
09:00-09:30 Zhang, Jing Introduction to the workshop
09:30-10:00 Avril, Bernard Presentation of survey results
10:00-10:30 Hall, Julie Overview of current IMBER CB techniques

Topic: Existing Approaches – Chair: Julie Hall

Time Presenter Title
11:00-11:45 All

Discussion about capacity building through workshops and meetings:

  •  IMBER experience, including OSC and IMBIZOs
  •  Recommendations from Urban and Boscolo,2013 paper
  •  What more could IMBER do?
  •  Travel grants
11:45-12:30 All

Discussion about capacity building through summer schools:

  •  IMBER experience

Topic: New Approaches – Chair: Jing Zhang

Time Presenter Title
14:30-16:00 All

Discussion about:

  • Capacity building through cooperative research and cruise experiences:
    • What have other projects and organizations done? e.g., COST Action STMs
  • Visiting Professorships
  • Distance Learning
  • Alumni Network
  • The role of regional projects and task teams

Topic: The Way Forward – Chair: Ed Urban

Time Presenter Title
16:30-17:30 All

Discussion about the Way Forward:

  • What will be IMBER science needs in the next 10 years that could require different CB activities?
  • How can the effectiveness of IMBER CB be evaluated?
  • How can community involvement in IMBER CB be stimulated?
17:30-18:00 Zhang, Jing; Urban, Ed; Hall, Julie Final Discussion and Conclusion