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Data Management for IMBER


  • Cyndy Chandler 
    Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole
  • Todd O’Brien
    Marine Ecosystems Division
    National Marine Fisheries Service
    NOAA, Silver Spring
  • Alberto Piola
    Departamento Oceanografia, Servicio de Hidrografia Naval
    Buenos Aires

Description of the workshop

Marine scientists need to be aware of the benefits of good data management.  Often lack of time, fear of technical jargon, lack of knowledge about the resources that are available, etc., can make it difficult to follow good data management practices. Managing data properly during and after the cruise(s) and after project completion, is good for scientists, their research projects and the larger community, and ensures availability and perpetuity of the data.  The legacy of properly managed and preserved data goes on long after the project has been completed and the papers have been published as data are used for different purposes in future applications.

The purpose of this workshop is to enhance awareness of the need to establish data management procedures, to highlight the important advantages arising from following these procedures, and to provide hands-on training on data management and data preservation.  These skills will not only benefit IMBER scientists now, but can shape and help to ensure good data management habits in their future research endeavors. 


Session Programme

Oral Presentations

Sunday 22 June, 09:00-10:35

Time  ID Presenter Title
09:00-09:15   Hofmann, Eileen / Piola, Alberto Introduction to IMBER and IMBER Data Management Policy
09:15-09:55 W2.1.O1 O'Brien, Todd Why does IMBER need Data Management?
09:55-10:35 W2.1.O2 Chandler, Cynthia Benefits of following good DM practices and dangers of not doing so

Sunday 22 June, 10:55-12:00

Time  ID Presenter Title
10:55-11:35 W2.2.O1 Chandler, Cynthia Preserving the data for future generations
11:35-12:00 W2.2.O2 Urban, Edward Data publication, journals, DOIs

Sunday 22 June, 13:30-15:00

Time  ID Presenter Title
13:30-14:30  W2.3.O1 Schlitzer, Reiner Processing and displaying large data sets for research: the Ocean Data View example 
14:30-15:00 W2.3.O2 Soltwedel, Thomas Remote sensing data for NRT monitoring of water quality and studying the ocean processes provided by the Nansen Center

Sunday 22 June, 15:30-17:00

Time  ID Presenter Title
15:30-17:00    All Discussion and/or hands‐on training 

Poster Presentations 

Tuesday 24 June, 17:30, Poster Session 1

ID Presenter Title
W2.P1 Chandler, Cynthia Data Management in Support of IMBER Research