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Ocean biogeochemical dynamics under changing climate: feedbacks and impacts


  • Christoph Heinze
    Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen
    Bergen, Norway                                
  • Are Olsen
    Centre for Climate Dynamics, University of Bergen
    Bergen, Norway
  • Jerry Tjiputra          
    Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen
    Bergen, Norway

Description of the session

Global marine biogeochemistry plays a crucial role in the climate system through sequestering surface carbon and maintaining the surface-deep ocean carbon gradient through the so-called solubility and biological carbon pumps. In the IMBER & SOLAS endorsed project CARBOCHANGE (see www.carbochange.eu) and a suite of other projects, attempts are made to quantify the changing ocean carbon dynamics under rising atmospheric CO2 and altered climate. How these changes could impact or feedback to the climate system will also play a crucial role for improving future climate prediction. For the session we would like in particular to see presentations on new findings about:

  • Quantification of anthropogenic excess CO2 transport into the ocean (spatio-temporal distribution and evolution).
  • Where are the fastest changes in dissolved inorganic carbon occurring and what implications may this have on biogeochemistry (e.g. re-dissolution of CaCO3 sediment) as well as on intermediate-depth to deep ecosystems?
  • What are the links between changes in ocean circulation/stratification, particle export, and marine particle fluxes (POC, POP, PON, BSi, CaCO3)?
  • How will ocean pH drawdown, warming, de-oxygenation, and shifting circulation co-act to induce parallel changes in carbon and nitrogen cycling (with special emphasis also on N2O production)?
  • What are the key evolving surface and deep ocean carbon cycle processes that could significantly feedback to the climate system? How can we best measure this in the real world?

Modelling, analytical, as well as methodological studies are welcome.


Session Programme

Oral Presentations

Wednesday 25 June, 16:00-17:30, Parallel session 6 (B4.1) Chair: Christoph Heinze

Time  ID Presenter Title
16:00-16:18 B4.1.O1 Gehlen, Marion Future pH Reductions put North Atlantic Deep-Sea Ecosystems at Risk
16:18-16:36 B4.1.O2 Stoll, Heather Stimulation or limitation of phytoplankton biomineralization under rising CO2?
16:36-16:54 B4.1.O3 Bach, Lennart The influence of ocean acidification on particle sinking velocity dynamics in a natural plankton community
16:54-17:12 B4.1.O4 Putri, Mutiara Rachmat (tbc) Variation of Ocean pH in Indonesia Waters
17:12-17:30 B4.1.O5 Paul, Allanah Insight into the Fate of Newly-Fixed Nitrogen in a High CO2 Ocean

Thursday 26 June, 14:00-15:30, Parallel session 7 (B4.2) Chair: Are Olsen

Time  ID Presenter Title
14:00-14:18 B4.2.O1 Oschlies, Andreas Unexpected increase in the simulated marine oxygen inventory in a warmer future ocean
14:18-14:36 B4.2.O2 Somes, Christopher Estimating the influence of "non-Redfield" dissolved organic matter cycling on the global oceanic fixed nitrogen inventory in the modern and glacial oceans
14:36-14:54 B4.2.O3 Keller, Kathrin Variability of the ocean carbon cycle in response to El Niño-Southern Oscillation: impact of the climatological mean state
14:54-15:12 B4.2.O4 Goris, Nadine Quantifying the climate-driven processes leading to a reduced CO2 uptake in the North Atlantic: A model study with the Bergen Climate Model
15:12-15:30 B4.2.O5 Jeansson, Emil Anthropogenic CO2 penetration in the Greenland Sea over the last decades


Friday 27 June, 10:30-12:00, Parallel session 8  (B4.3) Chair: Jerry Tjiputra

Time  ID Presenter Title
10:30-10:48 B4.3.O1 Lucas, Mike (tbc) Iron additions directly and rapidly stimulate nitrate assimilation by phytoplankton in the high-latitude North Atlantic Ocean
10:48-11:06 B4.3.O2 Blain, Stéphane Impact of large scale natural iron fertilization on carbon cycling in the Southern Ocean
11:06-11:24 B4.3.O3 Bratkič, Arne Hg speciation in water column in South Atlantic Ocean along 40°S parallel
11:24-11:42 B4.3.O4 Sweetman, Andrew Scavenging dynamics of jellyfish versus fish falls at the deep seafloor
11:42-12:00 B4.3.O5 Lee, ZhongPing (tbc) Decadal observation of phytoplankton in a subtropical gyre from ocean color satellites

Poster Presentations

Wednesday 25 June, 17:30, Poster Session 2

ID Presenter Title
B4.P1 Belcher, Anna Variability of carbon export and remineralisation in the Southern Ocean
B4.P2 Keller, Kathrin Time of Emergence of trends in ocean biogeochemistry
B4.P3 Schwinger, Jörg Different response of the natural and the anthropogenically disturbed ocean carbon cycle to changing climate
B4.P4 Alcaraz, Miquel Global Warming, Zooplankton Shifts, and Biogenic Carbon Fate in the Southern Ocean
B4.P5 Morée, Anne The role of the Southern Ocean in global carbon cycling
B4.P6 Ray, Raghab Exchange dynamics and storage of nitrogen in a tropical mangrove ecosystem
B4.P7 Steele, Deborah Cell Viability and Chlorophyll Alteration in Eukaryote Phytoplankton; A Seasonal Cycle in the Western English Channel
B4.P8 Li, Xuefeng Response of diatom Chaetoceros Socialis to a changing climate and dust deposition: role of iron
B4.P9 King, Andrew Effects of CO2 on phytoplankton-mediated micro- and macronutrient cycling