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IMBER relevant meetings 2006

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May 2006

10-12 May: Brest, France
IMBER Scientific Steering Committee

June 2006

10-14 June: Singapore
Asia Oceania Geosciences Society's 3rd Annual Meeting (AOGS 2006)
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21 June: Edinburgh, Scotland
NERC Earth Observation Conference 2006 "Dynamic Earth"
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July 2006

10-13 July: Woods Hole, USA
Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Workshop 2006
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12-14 July: Hobart, Tasmania
2nd SCAR Open Science Conference "Antarctica in the Earth System"
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17-21 July: Espoo, Finland
WMO Climate Risk Conference / Living with Climate Variability and Change: Understanding the Uncertainties and Managing the Risks.
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20 July: London, UK
Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) / Atlantic Ocean Biogeochemistry and Biodiversity
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24-27 July: Beijing, China
Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting (WPGM)
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August 2006

16-18 August: Beijing, China
International Conference on Regional Carbon Budgets
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27 August- 1 September: Melbourne, Australia
16th Annual Goldschmidt Conference
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September 2006

11-12 September: Reikjavik, Iceland
North Atlantic Climate and Ecosystems: A current threat?
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19-22 September: Bremen, Germany
6th European Coral Reef Conference of the International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS)
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19-23 September: Maastricht, Netherlands
ICES CIEM Annual Science Conference
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28-30 September: Palisades, USA
1st IGBP-SCOR FTI workshop on "Ocean Acidification - Modern Observations and Past Experiences" at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.
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October 2006

9-13 October: Montreal, Canada
Ocean Optics XVIII Conference
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13-21 October: Yokohamal, Japan / IMBER sponsored Meeting
PICES XV Annual Meeting "Boundary Current Ecosystems"
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23-26 October: Concepcion, Chile
2006 SCOR General Meeting
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24-26 October: Concepcion, Chile
Workshop on Oxygen minimum systems in the oceans: Distribution, Diversity and Dynamics / IMBER sponsored Meeting
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24-27 October: Birmingham, UK
Rapid Climate Change International Science Conference
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November 2006

9-12 November: Beijing, China
2nd ESSP (Earth System Science Partnership) Open Science Conference - "Global Environmental Change: Regional Challenge"
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13-17 November: Goa, India
SPIE's International Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Symposium
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27 November - 1 December: Lima, Peru / IMBER sponsored meeting
International Conference on the Humboldt Current System: Climate, Ocean dynamics, ecosystem processes, and fisheries.
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December 2006

4-8 December : Las Palmas, Canary Islands
2nd annual carboocean meeting
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11-15 December : San Francisco, USA
AGU Fall Meeting
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