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Integrating Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems in a Changing Ocean: Regional Comparisons

10-14 October 2010, Crete, Greece

Workshop 1: The effect of varying element ratios on community structure at low   trophic levels and food quality at mid and high trophic levels,

Workshop 2: Large-scale regional comparisons of marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem processes - research approaches and results,

Workshop 3: Sensitivity of marine food webs and biogeochemical cycles to enhanced stratification.

DRY CRUISE workshop: Prior to the IMBER IMBIZO, the Data Management Committee held a data management workshop. This covered the good data management practices given in the IMBER Data Management Cookbook followed by a DRY CRUISE during which the participants used and explored these techniques. 

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IMBIZO II participants

IMBIZO II participants