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The 5th China-Japan-Korea IMBER Symposium and Training (22-25 Nov. 2011, Shanghai, China) - Oral presentations are available here


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Introduction to IMBER Sumei Liu
IMBER Research overview from Korea Sinjae Yoo
Korea-IMBER.pdf 2.91 MB
IMBER Research overview from Japan Hiroaki Saito
Japan-IMBER.pdf 4.99 MB
IMBER Research overview from China Jing Zhang
China-IMBER.pdf 1.54 MB
Importance of the bottom cold-water mass as an over-summering refuge for Euphausia pacifica in the Yellow Sea Se-Jong Ju 
JU-Se-Jong.pdf 2.12 MB
Relationship between the upwelling and harmful algal blooms off Zhejiang  Ganning Zeng 
Bacterial and archaeal community in the Changjiang Estuary hypoxia area and the adjacent of East China Sea  Min Liu 
LIU-Min.pdf 3.81 MB
Influence of fresh water discharge and oceanic water intrusion on planktonic ciliate distribution in a coastal shelf area  Meiping Feng 
Central Yellow Sea Spring Blooms – a scenario  Jun Sun 
SUN-Jun.pdf 4.09 MB
Biogeochemistry of nutrients in the Changjiang Estuary and its adjacent East China Sea  Sumei Liu 
LIU-Sumei.pdf 2.01 MB
Radium tracer study on the environmental processes of estuarine and coastal areas in China  Jinzhou Du 
DU-Jinzhou.pdf 1.37 MB
Hypoxia off the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary: Oxygen depletion and organic matter decomposition  Zhuoyi Zhu 
ZHU-Zhuoyi.pdf 1.01 MB
Coastal sedimentation characteristics and morphological changes at Yuantuojiao Point, estuary of the North Branch, Changjiang River Zhenke Zhang
Analysis of Kuroshio Current at PN/TK sections during 1955-2010 based on observed hydrographic data Daji Huang
HUANG-Daji.pdf 2.74 MB
Downstream nutrient transport by the Kuroshio in the East China Sea and its temporal variations Xinyu Guo
GUO-Xinyu.pdf 5.00 MB
Long term trend of algal community in the East China Sea Douding Lu
LU-Douding.pdf 6.56 MB
Carbonate parameters in the waters dominated by the Yellow Sea Cold Water in the northern Yellow sea during summer Liang Xue
XUE-Liang.pdf 1.86 MB
Seasonal and interannual variations of phytoplankton community structure in the southern Taiwan strait Jun Hu
HU-Jun.pdf 4.04 MB
Development of primary production algorithm for GOCI (Geostationary Ocean Color Imager) Sinjae Yoo
YOO-Sinjae.pdf 3.31 MB
Kelp Laminaria japonica growth model and the effects of extreme low temperatures on it’s mariculture in Sungo Bay, China Jihong Zhang
Recent collapse of the copepods in the northern East China Sea Keun-Hyung Choi
Some effects of temperature and salinity on eggs and yolk sac larvae of Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus Xiaodong Bian
Modeling research on the ecosystem in the Yangtze Estuary and adjacent areas Yang Yang
YANG, Yang.pdf 2.19 MB
Tidal modulation on the Changjiang River Plume in summer Hui Wu
WU-Hui.pdf 2.63 MB
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Training Courses


Progress in PICES/FUTURE programme
A multidisciplinary ocean science programme SUPRFISH (Study on Prediction and Application of Fish Species Alternation): Implementation strategy and results
Volume and nutrient transport across shelf break:A physical approach