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Working Group 4: Synthesis and Modelling

Key Scientific Questions

  • What is the relative importance of fisheries exploitation and the dynamic environment in structuring pelagic ecosystems?
  • Does one mechanism (e.g. match/mismatch) explain observed variation across species, trophic pathways, regions, etc.? Do alternative mechanisms have equally good explanatory power? Which mechanisms(s) provide the greatest predictive power?
  • What alternative states might occur in pelagic ecosystem records, how might they be characterised (e.g. can they be described by indicators), how might they be caused, what are their consequences, and are they reversible, given that the climate changes continuously?
  • Does knowledge about environmental forcing and the nature of fisheries (e.g. the species composition of the catch, growth variability, egg production rates by size/age) suggest an optimum allocation of fishing activities?

Working Group activities




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2010 and before

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