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Data Management (DM) Working Group

The IMBeR website is being systematically transferred to a new host server at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway.

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  • The IMBER Data Management Committee (DMC) aims to make Data Management useful and not the "chore" it is often made out to be.
  • Good data management has many benefits, speeds up research, improves data sets, enhances publications and increases visibility to other researchers.
  • The number one rule is not to put it off! Plan data management right from the start of your project.
  • The IMBER Data Policy provides broad guidelines and the Data Management CookBook is a step by step set of "recipes" for good data management.
  • Powerpoint tutorials from the Data Management Dry Cruise workshop at IMBER IMBIZO II are available here.
  • The IMBER Metadata Portal provides an overview of IMBER endorsed and related projects. By creating the DIF record (it's easy, see CookBook), your project will have international exposure.