SSC and Executive Committee meetings

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 IMBER SSC meetings

 IMBER Ececutive meeting

9th IMBER SSC meeting

12-15 June 2012, La Paz, Mexico

IMBER Executive meetings in 2011

25 January 2011, conference call

25 February 2011, conference call

6 October 2011, conference call

8th IMBER SSC meeting

11-13 April 2011, Marseille, France

8th IMBER Executive meeting

7 April 2010, conference call

7th IMBER SSC meeting

5-7 May 2010,  Washington DC, USA

7th IMBER Executive meeting

18 February 2010, conference call

6th IMBER SSC meeting

2-5 June 2009, Paris, France

6th IMBER Executive meeting

13-14 January 2010, conference call

5th IMBER SSC meeting

5-6 May 2008, Cape Town, South Africa

5th IMBER Executive meeting

7-8 November 2008, Miami, Fl., USA

(including the Joint IMBER/GLOBEC Meeting)

4th IMBER SSC meeting

12-14 June 2007, Victoria, Canada.

4th IMBER Executive meeting

 7-9 October 2007, Brest, France

3rd IMBER SSC meeting

10-12 May 2006, Brest, France

3rd IMBER Executive meeting

 27-29 September 2006, Plymouth, UK

2nd IMBER SSC meeting

18-20 April 2005, Shangaii, China

2nd IMBER Executive meeting

25-27 October 2005, Brest, France

1st IMBER SSC meeting

9-12 August 2004, Plymouth, UK

1st IMBER Executive meeting

13-16 December 2004, Florida, USA

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