End-to-end Food Webs (disbanded)

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The E2E WG has completed its mandate. The group is now disbanded.

What was the "E2E Food Webs " Working Group?

The cross-cutting End-to-end Food Webs (Material and Energy Flow) working group focused on the development of an implementation plan for end-to-end food web studies. The group was conducted jointly with GLOBEC, with co-chairs from each project. The plan was developed to guide studies of integrated marine food webs extending from viruses to whales, and the impacts of harvesting on end-to-end food webs and biogeochemical cycles. The implementation plan ensured a coordinated focus on biogeochemical processes, integrated food web and ecosystem modelling, functional biodiversity and impacts of global change (as they relate to marine food webs).

End-to-end food webs were defined as:


Food webs that incorporate interactions among organisms and between organisms and their physical and chemical environments.



  • Moloney, C.L., St John, M.J., Denman, K.D., Karl, D.M., Köster, F., Sundby, S., Wilson, R.P. (2011) Weaving marine food webs from end to end under global change. Journal of Marine Systems 84: 106–116. doi: 10.1016/ j.jmarsys.2010.06.012.
  • Kishi, M., Ito, S-i., Megrey, B., Rose, K. and Werner, R. (2011) A review of the NEMURO and NEMURO.FISH models and their application to marine ecosystem investigations. Journal of Oceanography 67: 3-16 (see also IMBIZO I workshop 1).

Past membership (2006-2009)


End-to-end food webs WG (Co-chair), IMBER National contact, Past IMBER SSC (2007-2009)

Marine Biology Research Institute, Rondebosch, South Africa

Food webs, modelling


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ST JOHN Michael

End-to-end food webs WG (Co-chair)

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Charlottenlund, Denmark



End-to-end food webs WG

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada

Ocean Climate, physical Oceanography


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End-to-end food webs WG

University of Hawaii, USA


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End-to-end food webs WG

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua, Denmark


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IMBER SSC (2015- )

Oceanography and Climate Research Group, Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Bergen, Norway

Physical-biological ocean processes; Climate variability, climate change and impacts on marine ecosystems; plankton; fishery oceanography


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CLIOTOP WG2, End-to-end food webs WG

IES, Swansea, UK


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